…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

The spirit – by Luiz de Mattos

The spirit is light, intelligence, life, creative and accomplishing power. In it there is no matter in either of its states. It is, therefore,  immaterial. It remains as an individualised particle along its entire path in the process of evolution.

The spirit is indestructible, indivisible, eternal, and evolves towards ever greater improvement. As a particle of the Whole, it is inseparable from the Whole, and survives any transformation. Nothing can destroy it.

In the Chapter "Force and Matter", the evolution of the particles of Force was demonstrated, beginning from their initial primary state, until they gain enough development to stir and move a human body.

We call spirit the particle of Force from the beginning of its evolution in a human body and this term is retained from there on in its long road of evolution.

In the immeasurable space of Universe, where Intelligence vibrates continuously, revealing permanent action and constant manifestation of life, the spirit stirs up its intranuclear power, which is expresses in all activities, by means of vibratory motions.

Such motions radiate from a nucleus of Force, which is  the spirit, in an ocean of identical essence, which is the Whole, thus signalling the power of attraction which causes the attributes of the Whole to converge to the nucleus, to develop it and increase its potentiality.

The following are attributes of the spirit, inherent to the Whole:

(a) Will power
(b) Self-awareness
(c) Perception
(d) Intelligence
(e) Reasoning
(f) Power of Conception
(g) Mental balance
(h) Logic
(i) Self-control
(j) Sensibility
(k) Rectitude

The spirit
by Luiz de Mattos

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