…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

Why deny reincarnation? – by Luiz de Mattos

Why do western religions try so hard, strive so much, are so obstinate in denying reincarnation? Why do they fight it so uncompromisingly, in spite of all the loud, unsuspected evidence of its real existence? Why do they persist in ignoring so many facts, of which the history is full, which prove it to exhaustion?

The answer is easy: reincarnation and salvation are conflicting, opposing, clashing concepts because they are adversely, irreducibly incompatible.

Now, in the concept of salvation - closely connected to the benefits of forgiveness - lies precisely the basis on which those religions are anchored.

If religious organisations were to disclose to their followers the truth concerning the fantasy of forgiveness, eternal salvation, the celestial mansion, the divine father, hell, the devil, purgatory and so many other fabrications, none of them would remain standing.

We would see the disappearance of all the sources of income represented by industries of wooden or clay saints, relics, the tithes, alms for the "saints", printed prayers and many other ingenious practices.
When man becomes convinced that if he does wrong he will inescapably have to redeem it, without the possibility of forgiveness; when he realises that in the course of each incarnation he is preparing himself for his next incarnation and that the latter will be more or less arduous according to the manner in which he has exercised his free will, done good or wrong; when he becomes sure that his good actions will revert to his benefit and his wrongdoings against him; when he realises that he can count on nobody's help to relieve him of the consequences of his faults, which he will have to redeem himself by means of dignified actions - no matter how many reincarnations may be necessary; then will man certainly ponder more carefully before committing an undignified act.

Those who realise the responsibilities which their own actions carry will spare no efforts to lean upon their real knowledge of Truth and break off from all benumbing religious untruths.

Why deny reincarnation?
by Luiz de Mattos

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