…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

Awakening to reality – by Luiz de Mattos

Christian Rationalism - having in mind no other idea, intention, or interest but to awaken mankind to the reality of life - proposes to give man the knowledge he needs to overcome spiritual darkness which is so damaging and harmful to his evolution.

Because Christian Rationalism is a school of spiritualization, not a religion, it has neither gods nor worshippers.

As souls free from sectarian slavery, the followers of Christian Rationalism have learned to trust themselves, their spiritual power and their will power to fight and win.

Therefore, they are not worshippers, beggars, or chronic complainers. They all know that stumbling blocks appear at every step of life's way but that it is possible to overcome them with the moral resources at their disposal.

This book teaches that each spirit is a minute fraction of Universal Intelligence in the process of evolution. It also shows that the Universe is composed of Force and Matter and that Force, which drives and moves all bodies, fills Infinite Space.

Force is presented in this book under a common terminology: Force, Universal Intelligence or still, Great Focus.

Force is the word used to indicate its association with Matter, whereas Great Focus is employed to mean the Universal Agent, in its infinite conception. They are, however, synonymous, and have similar meanings.

No one, no matter how much of a sophist he or she may be, will imply the slightest connection between the two terms above and the word 'god' which is already so discredit by the mean and materialistic sense imparted to it by all religious worshippers.

It is not possible to express the infinite grandeur of an absolute value by using words of relative meaning such as those of the everyday vocabulary.

Great Focus or Force have been adopted due to the lack of more descriptive words, although they do not convey the full reality of its meaning.

Great Focus conveys an idea of light and also of intense brilliance.

The word 'Great', with a capital 'G', means Total. It is no doubt an accessible expression to those who cannot yet penetrate too abstract matters.

Those  who are really interested in the study of this transcendentally important subject will find the material they need to arrive at a perfect judgement in the chapter titled “Force and Matter”.

Awakening to reality
by Luiz de Mattos

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