…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

School-Planets – by Luiz de Mattos

School-planets are identical in nature to ours. For this reason, spirits of various classes reach them in order to promote an interchange of intellectual, moral and spiritual knowledge among themselves.

Earth is a school-planet where the first 17 classes, of a total of 33, promote their own evolution, starting with the first and ending with the 17th, along periods of time which vary widely from one spirit to another but always in the range of thousands and thousands of years.

There are no privileges or paternalism for ascending from one class to the next. The principles of justice is based on the law of equality. Every spirit must overcome identical difficulties and succeed through its own efforts.

Not making good use of an incarnation inescapably results in the need to repeat it and the spirit will have to undergo the same tribulations until it is able to overcome its vices and weaknesses and recover the time lost.

As explained in Chapter VI, the spirit, when on the planet corresponding to its own degree of spirituality, has full knowledge of what takes place on the planets corresponding to classes inferior to its own, but is unaware of what occurs in the classes above its own.

Realising, however, the enormous advantages of ascending to higher classes, the spirit lives under the unrestrained desire to move ahead in order to gain new knowledge and further its spiritual qualities.

On the planet corresponding to its own class, the spirit makes plans for a new incarnation from which it eagerly wants to take the maximum advantage. Its greatest hope is not to waste time on Earth, not to fail, not to render useless the sacrifice of incarnation.

The spirits of inferior classes, especially the first, incarnate under the guidance of more advanced ones. They are like children who need to be escorted to kindergarten.

In the school-planets, emotions are a part of daily life. They are shared indiscriminately by all its inhabitants. When man rises above the feelings of poverty and wealth which are at the end of the list of those emotions, then he is in fact awakened to spiritual life.

As it advances, the spirit becomes acquainted with the things of Space. If there is much to be learned on Earth, so much more there is in the Universe. Space leaves ground for the Universe. The Universe, however, represents the process of evolution.

Like the links of a chain, the three expression Space, Universe, and Evolution are bound together. To know Space, therefore, is to study the Universe and to acknowledge Evolution.

There is one duty which should be common to all: to work towards evolution. Everyone must take his place and strive to fulfil his duty with the conviction that he holds a definite, irreplaceable position in Space.

Millions of spirits incarnated on Earth feel apprehensive due to the lack of a guiding light.

If the guiding light that was Jesus about 20 centuries ago had not been partially extinguished by man's greed, many millions of spirits still incarnated today would have long ago finished their passage through this planet and would already be active in other regions of Space.

Time lost cannot be recovered. It is like water under the bridge. It is up to Christian Rationalism to fulfil a great and noble mission, a mission that is arduous and still not understood by many: to restore Truth and to reimplant the magnificent teachings of Jesus on Earth.

by Luiz de Mattos