…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

A philosophical spiritual doctrine called Christian Rationalism – by Dr. Jorge Fares

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I would like to introduce you to Christian Rationalism. It is a philosophical spiritual doctrine. It was founded in Brazil in 1910 by Luiz Jose de Mattos. He was a journalist and a businessman, a self made man. He did not believe in life after death, until he was 50 years old when he almost died of a heart attack. Afterwards, he decided to study the most important doctrines, philosophies, religions and spiritual doctrines and then he codified Christian Rationalism. There is a site in the internet with the most important books and free downloading to get to know the concepts of this doctrine in the english language (www.christian-rationalism.org). Besides the moral and ethical codes that this doctrine teachs us, Luiz de Mattos codified a safe and simple way to practice spiritualism as a science, without being dangerous to the people who practice it and without dogmas or mysticism.

This safe practice provides information about life after death, shows us the existence of the soul and fluidic body, where the information of past lives is stored, and is the fluidic link between the soul and body. It teaches us about reincarnation as a way to improve ourselves and evolve. It tells us about the existence of the inferior and Superior souls and how these souls interfere with the life of people based on the way we think and act (law of attraction). It give us an insight into the laws of  nature that all of us are subjected to, like the law of evolution, (evolution can be accomplished by reincarnations), cause and effect (“karma”) and attraction and repulsion (the way we think, will attract the assistance of good or bad souls and receive their intuitions and interference in our lives).

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All these concepts and information can be obtained with the reading our books and the attendance of the spiritual reunions held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights from 8 PM to 9 PM . These reunions are coordinated by people who follow the discipline codified by Luis de Mattos. They are normal people who have families, professions and dedicate part of their time to this doctrine. The reunions are held in a place called "Redemptor Center" or "Rationalism House".
There is a place for the audience to sit down and a table where the participants of the reunion sit around, according to a previous definition, organized before the start of the reunion. The chairs where they are going to sit down are determined by a Superior Soul according to the mental "status" (spiritual assistance) of the people more closed involved in the reunion, in that specific day.

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 This determination is done by a medium and by hand-writing. After the participants are sat around the table, (the mediums, also called sensitive persons, and people whose concentration provide a fluidic field, are located between the mediums), the president,  placed at the end of the table, starts and coordinates the reunion. Mental Irradiations to the Superior Astral are done for the first 07 minutes. Those words are repeated by one of the participants and everybody concentrate their thoughts in order to atract a fluidic chain, a magnetic field to provide adequate conditions to the Superior Souls to come to the Earth and coordenate the reunion. This control of the reunion by the Superior Souls assure the safeness of the reunion. If this control by the Superior Souls did not happen, the inferior souls would manipulate the medium and the medium would transmit erroneous information, knowledge and concepts, to deceive the audience. That is why the Christian Rationalism doctrine do not recommend people to attend spiritual reunion that are not controlled by Superior Souls and which do not follow the discipline codified by Luiz de Mattos. 

The mediums, during a Christian Rationalism reunion, can transmit the thoughts of the inferior souls: who they where, what were they doing after they have disincarnated (physical death), how they were interfering with people, how they were causing mental diseases, tragedies and so on, and why they did not ascend to the spiritual world they belong to. These inferior souls are not brought to this magnetic field in a spontaneous way, they are brought by the Superior Souls who temporarily suspend their free will. These superior souls need the magnetic field to come to Earth because they are pure Souls and they need this point of attraction to come to Earth and do what needs to be done. They remove from the Earth´s atmosphere these inferior souls and send them to their spiritual worlds where they belong, according to their evolution and accomplishments obtained in past lives. Once they are brought to this magnetic field, their free will is suspended and they can no longer return to the Earth´s atmosphere. These inferior souls are sent to their spiritual world or planes where they analyze their fluidic bodies in regard to what they have done in past reincarnations and then decide to once again reincarnate, to pay their spiritual debts, correct their mistakes through suffering and practicing good acts for themselves and for other people.

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Besides the thoughts of the souls, the medium can also transmit the thoughts of people present or not at the reunion, the doubts they have about what they are seeing and listening to, their private problems, and so on. The answers and advice to solve their problems and explanations about the facts observed during the reunions, are given by the president, based on his knowledge of the doctrine. Twenty minutes before 9 PM a Superior Soul transmits through a medium, knowledge on moral and ethical aspects of life or about any subject possibly related to life after death, our duties while we are incarnated, and so on.

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This doctrine has no commercial interest, it does not ask money from anyone who comes to the reunion, its only aim is to provide humanity,  information about incorporeal life, knowledge about ourselves, life after death an so on. People who attend reunions for several years, will be able to see how these bad souls act, causing mental diseases and how the mental health of these people can improve with a regular attendance to the reunions and by being subjected to what is called  "psychic cleansing" (the removal of  bad souls from patients by Superior Souls).
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One can also observe how the presence of a bad soul can interfere with healing of a patient through the information transmitted  by the medium. The influence of bad souls causing mental diseases and delay in healing can be demonstrated by this doctrine, besides the traumas acquired in past lives.

Dr. Jorge Fares - physician in Sao Paulo, Brazil
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