…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

Men of materialistic science need to know and practice spiritualistic science - By Oswaldo Reynaldo

The universe contains a multiplicity of laws, laws that have not yet been discovered by the materialistic science of planet Earth.

It is the laws that belong to spiritualistic science, so there is a lack of knowledge of the natural and immutable laws that can bring relief to the suffering of this humanity, therefore with this knowledge will be thousands of homes to be benefited, which at the moment are not able to develop and more and more suffering will occur, due to the fast-growing population growth.

As materialistic science is at a slow pace, much to do to get a parity between the two strands, births and the evolution of science.

For example, some people still think that the solution to these problems is through the actual destruction of wars; on the contrary, they pass through the development of pure science, which is spiritualistic science.
This science has by definition only to bring human beings closer to a development that has brought the end of this total misery to many peoples of this planet.

Much as it has been said and written, spiritualistic science in more evolved worlds is advancing considerably, but here on Earth, still a world of schooling, because the clumsiness of gross materialism and the lock of overwhelming religions, spiritualist science must be known and practiced by men of materialistic science, spiritualistic science must be known and practiced by men of materialistic science, only then have the evolution of men gain more speed in the logic of the natural and immutable laws which are subject to everything.
And Christian Rationalism presents itself in this school-world, to give the knowledge of spirituality pure and simple, the Science of Sciences, without hesitation, without gaps, without lies and without economic interests.

Men of materialistic science need to know and practice spiritualistic Science
By Oswaldo Reynaldo


Psychic cleansing is a mental hygiene practice.
It consists of irradiations, i.e., spiritual vibrations, which drive the Inferior Astral out of Earth’s atmosphere. This removal is carried out by the spirits of the Superior Astral that perform psychic cleansing by working in tune with the disciplined thoughts of persons of good will, either during mental exercises in Christian Rationalist centers or in cooperation with such persons.

There is no doubt that this mental preparation, or psychic cleansing, is just as important to the spirit as physical hygiene is to the physical body. Therefore, Christian Rationalism recommends It to everyone so that, by following a disciplined, methodical and conscious life pattern, they will enjoy both physical and spiritual balance.

Everyone who wishes to undergo psychic cleansing should follow the procedures described below, daily, in their homes, during five minutes, preferably at 7 AM and 8 PM.

Click to HEAR the_Psychic Cleansing

1 - The head of household, who will serve as president, will take his place at the head of the table and will not leave, nor let anyone else leave, until the psychic cleansing is over.

2 - The others will take their places around the table, either sitting or standing.

3 - In case of any psychically disturbed person in the home, he or she should be seated at the extreme end of the table, with a healthy, strong willed person behind to shake him or her. This should be done by holding the disturbed person’s shoulders with both hands and giving him or her a strong shake every time the president says the GREAT FOCUS irradiation.

Click to HEAR the_Psychic Cleansing
There should be no gap between the persons around the table. Shaking is a useful practice, even when applied to normal people but the one assigned to shake a disturbed person should not leave his or her position until the psychic cleansing is over. In instances where the disturbance ranges on obsession or insanity, there is a special discipline prescribed in Chapters I and II of the book “The practice of Christian Rationalism.”

4 - In the case of bedridden patients, the irradiation's should be made around the bed with the presence of healthy and strong minded persons only, who are capable of emitting powerful thoughts.

Thus, gathered as close as possible to one another, in complete silence, the president will say the following irradiations aloud:



Great Focus! Creative Power!

We realize that the Universe is ruled by natural, unchangeable laws that everything is subject to!

We also realize that it is through study, reasoning and growth derived from the struggle against our bad habits and imperfections that the spirit reaches enlightenment and greater evolution.

Being aware of our duty to do good and using our free will for that purpose, we here irradiate to the Superior Spirits so that they will envelop us in their light and fluids, strengthening us to accomplish our duty.


Great Focus! Life of Universe!

We here irradiate to the Superior Forces so that our spirit becomes enlightened and we begin to be aware of about errors, in order to avoid them and to strengthen ourselves to practice the good.

This latter irradiation should be repeated during five minutes.

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