…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

What is mediumnity? - by Fernando Faria

9.0  What is mediumnity? 
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9.1  Mediumnity  is a spiritual faculty that makes possible the mediation between the living (incarnated spirits) and the soul of the deceased (disincarnated spirits). Mediumnity can be expressed in various ways

9.2  Intuitive mediumnity is an innate faculty of all incarnate spirits. The degree of development  of that mediumnity varies from one individual to another de-pending on the degree of evolution reached in each incarnation.

9.3  The medium is the liaison between the physical and the psychic levels. This is why psychic phenomena are always revealed through mediums.

9.4  Mediums who stay at the service of Christian Rationalism have nothing to be concerned of  because they are sure of their own knowledge and know how to act in self defence.  Furthermore  their safety is warranted by the Superior Astral to which they connect by elevated thoughts and by the discipline received from them by intuition.

9.5  The more sensitive an individual is, the greater are his chances of picking up vibrations. Space is filled with such vibrations, which differ among themselves. Each vibration picked up can produce a corresponding revelation or phenomenon.

9.6  The retina of the human eye can pick up the vibrations of sunlight but not those of astral light except when a medium intervenes with the help of his sensitiveness. It is the very well known phenomenon of clairvoyance.

9.7 Under certain psychic conditions it is possible for an incorporation medium to disembody. This phenomenon is very useful provided its practice follows some disciplinary rules.

9.8 Disembodiment means momentary withdrawal of the spirit and its astral body from the medium's physical body while retaining their connection by means of animistic cords.

9.9 The same that happens to the common person during sleep happens to incorporation mediums while awake in disembodiment sessions.

9.10 Among all the spiritual phenomena in which mediums participate, human masses, which are alienated from spiritual powers, are most impressed by materialisation, levitation, and rising or floating of objects.

9.11 Some of these phenomena are produced by playful spirits of the Inferior Astral. They do this by invisibly hurling objects and making noises. They also seek the help of abettors who make bad use of their mediumnistic gifts for profit, usually for money.

9.12 The spirits of the Inferior Astral are aware that every man and woman is endowed with intuitive mediumnity and they take advantage of this to instil preposterous, absurd ideas upon their minds.

9.13 Hence the reason for some people to appear as harassment maniacs, while others always see the darker side of things, and many believe they suffer from a number of diseases.

9.14 Intuitive mediumnity is closely associated with the structure of the embryonic telepathic element that is a reflex of psychic sensibility. In due time this element will develop and reveal itself.

9.15  Therefore, intuitive mediumnity, incorporative mediumnity and the elementary functions of the embryonic telepathic element, operating in a co-ordinated, complementary way, make up the sum of three spiritual faculties. The development of these faculties, when performed under careful supervision, produces the best results in the picking up of thoughts of both incarnate and disincarnate spirits.

9.16  Generally speaking, in currents supervised by the Superior Astral, the mediums express voluntarily what the spirits pass on to them. However, they do not lose control of themselves, and therefore do not utter improprieties that are passed on to them by obsessor spirits.

9.17  In every social stratum there are individuals who are unknowingly endowed with incorporative mediumnity, in addition to intuitive mediumnity which all humans are endowed.  Because of their unawareness of this, we see such a large number of suicides, deaths by accident, and hospitals, jails, and penitentiaries are overcrowded. A great number of these individuals with less developed mediumnity take to disorderly conduct, gambling, drinking and ruin their lives in unrestrained sensuality.

9.18  The disincarnate spirits wandering in the Inferior Astral quickly identify those incarnate spirits who are endowed with incorporative mediumnity. They notice that, unlike others, these incarnate spirits receive their intuitions very naturally

9.19  Thus, an individual endowed with incorporative mediumnity will infallibly become a victim of those inferior spirits unless he is enlightened and prepared to repel their harmful approach.

9.20  In the Inferior Astral there are millions of pandering, troublemaking, disloyal, biased, quarrelsome spirits. They find in the incorporative mediumnity of humans an ample field to appease their malevolent desires and gratify their low passions in the homes where Christian Rationalism discipline is not followed.

9.21 One should not lose sight of the reality of affinitive attraction, and of the fact that one's way of thinking reveals oneself. Those who love slander, hoax, and malicious gossip generate corresponding thoughts and attract obsessors of like inclinations.

9.22 Whenever the generator of such thoughts happen to be an incorporative medium, though, the situation is even more serious because he becomes subject to receiving constant charges from affinitive disincarnate spirits. These instigate him against his own enemies and also against the enemies of the obsessors themselves.

9.23  Like all spiritual faculties, mediumnity develops gradually from incarnation to incarnation. Beginning from the first degree of evolution, in the most backward human strata, in their savage rites, in the practice of magic, certain individuals begin to develop their mediumnity without psychic preparation, unaware of the risks to which they expose themselves due to non-compliance with the discipline that should be followed.

9.24 This explains why the world is filled with so many disturbed, abnormal, paranoid, deranged, obsessed, and insane people.

9.25 It should be reiterated that those who develop their mediumnity outside the discipline recommended by Christian Rationalism run all these risks, including that of insanity. (Please read Chapter III - Mediumnity and Mediums, in the book Practise of Christian Rationalism.)

9.26  Mediumnity is one of the most important faculties, due to the influence it exerts on everyone's life. Therefore, every person who wants to live consciously, and not only vegetate, must try to learn about mediumnity, its complexities and multiple manifestations.

What is mediumnity?
by Fernando Faria

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