…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

Secret knowledge - by Luiz de Mattos

It is about time that man should know there is no such thing as secret knowledge. There are instead secret interests that are not confessable, and on account of them truth has been harshly distorted.

It is regrettable that, in a age of high technological advancement, the deistic, godlike worshipping concept is still deep-rooted in many spirits.

The Spirit is Force, Intelligence, Power, with capital letters. All without exception, are subject to the same principles, to the same rules, to the same evolutionary process. There are no privileged spirits, such as the would-be gods and their imaginary sons.

The principles of evolution are tied-in to the rule of natural and immutable laws which are absolutely equal to all.  All invariably follow the same course and travel the same cycle, and in this there is a high and laudable principle of justice.

Those who still pay homage to an abstract god will realise (after as many incarnations as are needed to reach the necessary enlightenment) that such cult is a foolish one. It is just as ridiculous as the idea, also entertained by civilised men of the past, of worshipping gods represented by the natural elements or by animals of inferior species.

To most people god is an entity that promotes punishment, distributes mercies, and convicts or acquits either on an eternal or temporary basis.

Great spirits, driven by ideals of reform, have descended to Earth with enormous sacrifice to themselves, trying to debrutalize the human mind engrossed by hedonistic feelings and excited by sheer material pleasure.

Such stout spirits like Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed, however, besides not being understood, ended up deified by the illiterate masses.

Once the idea of divinization took hold, the respective religions were created, each preaching a different form of speculative worship, and the followers of each flocked together.

In a world like this where souls of various classes mix, and where most people live more for the sake of matter than for the sake of spiritual values, it was not difficult to gather together countless legions of worshippers under the flag of each religion.

In Brazil, as in many other countries, Jesus is worshipped. Nevertheless, there is no difference at all between his worshippers and those who turn to Buddha, Confucius or Mohammed.

Behind a facade, they all hide a servile, flattering attitude with which they hope to receive larger rewards in the present or future, or forgiveness for their sins.

Such attitudes are a destructive practice which weakens one's character.

If flattery and subservience are repulsive to enlightened incarnate spirits, it is easy to realise what effect these would have on highly advanced desincarnate spirits if such feelings could reach them.

The faithful may worship a piece of wood carved with human features because their free will gives them the right to satisfy their irrational urge to worship.

No worshipper is able to dissociate the ideas of worshipping and begging. The reason is obvious: worshipping and begging are two identical crutches for a single mental disability.

It should also be noted that this god, to whom the requests are made, seems so ill-advised and lives so aloof, apart, and indifferent to human problems, that his attention to such problems is awakened only by the appeals he hears.

He will not be moved to pity unless people ask him to be pitiful. He will not be merciful unless people beg him to be merciful. If people want peace they have to ask him for peace. He will not be fair unless people ask him for justice.

Secret knowledge
by Luiz de Mattos