…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

Force and Matter - By Luiz de Mattos

Many attempts have been made, in the field of philosophy, to explain the general concept of Force and Matter.
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Such explanations, however, have contributed in many cases to increase the confusion and the doubts existing in non-enlightened human minds regarding incorporeal life, because they were devoid of basis and, generally speaking, unpersuasive and unsatisfactory.

Nowadays, however, Force and Matter are a subject of mere analysis as long as it is unfolded, without deep theoretical thinking, in the sequence of rational principles exposed in this book. In this way it becomes unusually simple and accessible to the average mind.

No one will ever find a solution to spiritual problems outside the realm of spirituality.

The definition of Force and Matter is therefore within the logic of psychic phenomena amply illustrated by Christian Rationalism.

No philosophical quest will exercise a decisive influence in the improvement of man's individual behaviour until he acquires full awareness of himself as Force and Matter.

The more secure, the more clear-cut and realistic the understanding of the action of spirit over body, namely, of Force over Matter, the sooner will man have spiritual insight of the vital functions of universal nature.

Force and Matter summarise, synthesise and define the whole Truth of life.

The principles contained in this book comprise a portion of lessons about truth which is within the reach of human comprehension, as long as the individual is really interested in their study, without letting himself be influenced by repetitious sectarian text-books.

Thus the mistakes made by so many people are minimised through the acquisition of better knowledge about life.

After all, what is life but the permanent action of Force over Matter?

Matter has no attributes. Attributes are characteristics of Force and as such they are outwardly expressed and manifested in the consubstantiation of the three kingdoms of nature.

The attributes displayed by man are just a few compared to those displayed by more enlightened spirits which, due to their higher stage of evolution, are no longer incarnate in this planet.

Force rules the Universe by laws which are common, natural and immutable. They are natural because they derive from a logical sequence in the process of evolution. They are immutable because they are absolute and in this connection there is no room for the unforeseen, for chance or doubt. Therefore only accuracy, certainty and perfection prevail.

The responsibilities and duties of man are within these principles. He needs to understand them well and convince himself that everytime he breaks a natural law he inescapably slows the course of his evolution.

Therefore, man cannot act and profit from his efforts without knowing the due process of his spiritual development, or his astral and physical composition. As a result, and in compliance with those laws, he has to undergo a multiplicity of reincarnations although of his own will and through hard experiences. The number of these reincarnations would otherwise be greatly reduced.The Universe is composed of Force and Matter. Force is the actice, intelligent, transforming agent. Matter is the passive, pliable element.

Both in their original, indivisible, fundamental, imponderable form, permeate all bodies and spread over infinite space.

Force, acting in accordance with the laws of evolution, uses Matter in its primary state and with it forms bodies and accomplishes countless, indescribable phenomena which are beyond common appreciation considering the limited resources of this planet.

Nothing is new and nothing is lost in the Universe. Everything is already created. There is only transformation of Matter and evolution of Force.
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The countless bodies composed of multiple combinations of particles of organic matter represent nothing but those transformations.

Composition and decomposition, aggregation and disaggregation of bodies, are the result ot the mechanical action of life.

After ceaseless investigations, chemistry has classified over 100 basic elements of organic matter and named 'atom' the fundamental and infinitesimal particle of those elements.

Atoms are scientifically combined to form molecules which in turn constitute infinitesimal particles of composed bodies.

Both atoms and molecules are kept together by the force of cohesion and they disaggregate when the force of cohesion ceases.

Organic matter, even though represented by a single atoms, contains extraordinary power. It keeps each nucleus of high condensation of power perfectly balanced with the others in the formation of the Whole, in complete uniformity, each within its respective class, without any alteration in its specific constitution. This is because the laws have established that there can be no changes, in as much as there are no unforeseen factors for the SUBLIME WISDOM which is one, complete, total.

Force, making use of matter, begins its evolution in the structure of an atom, then moving to a new stage of constructive action in the composition of molecules.

In the ceaseless aggregation and disaggregation of bodies, the intensity of force gradually increases in these infinitesimal nuclei, with more and more emphasis on vibrations of life, thus causing the degree of intelligence to grow.

When the initial cycle in the first of the three great kingdoms of nature - the mineral kingdom - is completed, those nuclei start forming micro-organisms of the lowest class, from which they move on to the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

From these micro-organisms of the lowest class the particle of Force continues its evolution through other species and other more developed organisms, always reaching more developed forms.

In the molecule and its subdivisions, the Intelligent Force is perceived only by its vibratory expression or intermolecular movement. However in micro-organisms, besides the vibration already described, a sign of exterior movement is revealed - locomotion.

Thus, always changing from one body to the next in rank, the particle of Force evolves until it reaches conditions which will allow it, as a spirit, to incarnate in a human body, enabling it to exercise free will and to take on the responsibilities which free will carries with it.

As a spirit, it incarnates numberless times, always acquiring more intelligence, more light, more experience, more knowledge, a more clear concept of life and better reasoning capacity.

The spirit makes its way through this planet under suitable conditions for its stage of advancement. In each successive reincarnation it progresses to an environment which is appropriate to the stage already reached, until it completes the part of evolution which corresponds to his present life on Earth.

Earth is a sphere of organic matter impregnated with forces which act directly over the atoms, forming them, uniting them and keeping them in balance, within a system of complex motions.

Each atom is in constant vibration produced by the energy within it, and is connected to other atoms by the force of cohesion in order to form a molecule. This is the same force of cohesion which unites the molecules among themselves.

From the North to the South pole lines of force are revealed by the magnetic needle of a compass.

The force of gravity exercises powerful effect over the atoms, attracting them to the core in the centre of the globe.

In all its motions the Earth is impelled by the force which acts inside its atoms.

Therefore, that Force is the fundamental attribute which predominates in the mineral kingdom. In the vegetable kingdom there is force and life. Finally, in the kingdom, besides these two, intelligence also predominates.

It should not be inferred from this, however, that no life exists in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. We have merely stated the predominance of the fundamental attributes mentioned in order to facilitate reader comprehension in view of the transcendency of the subject.

Anyone who is willing to delve deeply into this subject will find ample field to develop his reasoning, to strengthen his convictions and to arrive at the conclusion that those two substantial sources - Force and Matter - are the beginning and the end. They are units whose extremes meet, which run parallel and which, in their immeasurability, enfold the infinite, permeate and encircle the Universe.

The terms herein used are relative only, due to the lack of better words capable of expressing an absolute concept.

Force and Matter
By Luiz de Mattos

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