…I did not work by the Christian Rationalist Doctrine, I had not the happiness to get to know it and I could not; but my spirit as I was always a fighter, that faced difficult situations, I have known how to take advantage and how to improve. So today I work in the Higher Astral Pleiad… Martin Luther King Jr.

A Philosophy and a Science - by Luiz de Mattos

Notwithstanding its natural simplicity, the basic book of Christian Rationalism contains in-depth reference material and should be seen as the foundation of knowledge whose framework must be erected with everyone's efforts.

Its fundamental principles encompass a new concept of the Universe and life as well as a sound pattern of behaviour for those who wish to follow it. This behaviour, thanks to the knowledge it provides, leads man to the knowledge of himself as Force and Matter. It shows that in every manifestation of life there is a flicker of Intelligence which, like in ourselves, is part of Total Life.
Thus we learn that we are but small torches of life, still very blunt, part of an immense flash of lightning driving forward the Cosmos - which is Universal Intelligent Life.

Force and Matter are, in a doctrinal sense, a synthesis of the Universe !

Force is Life, Intelligence, the principle that creates and activates everything. Only by knowing ourselves, and therefore by perceiving ourselves as Intelligence, will we be able to understand Life in its Universal, elaborate, deep content. And only by penetrating, with the help of physics, the microscopic planetary system named atom, will we be able to understand what we are as Matter. With their modern studies, by breaking down the atom into electrons, scientists have shown that matter, previously thought of as being inert, is in reality a large reservoir of energy which will change the face of Earth the day it can be put to use.

These are the findings of patient researchers which enable us to assert that, "from the most distant star to the clay under our feet we are all made of the same matter".
Those two words - Force and Matter, which synthesise man and the Universe - represent, for future generations, a plan of studies and accomplishments which will continue forever.

Christian Rationalism makes an eloquent and constant plea for study and reasoning so that every person will realise the need for a diligent effort towards self-improvement.
Knowledge about real life, which is a continuous process of study, will never be understood by those who, without reasoning, limit themselves to repeating obsolete concepts linked to religious dogmatisms.

Therefore, divulging Christian Rationalist principles is nowadays an imperative, long-reaching measure.

Luiz de Mattos, introduced Christian Rationalism after sensing the deplorable condition of man's character. He did it without sparing any efforts, with the conviction that he could provide the world with the one and only means of correcting the serious moral evils which were, and still are, afflicting man. His life - that of an honourable, dignified, enterprising, preserving, undaunted man - was a model of invigorating action which will last as a striking example in the memories of present and future generations.

He did not attempt to impose on others a discipline which he himself could not follow. He did not consolidate a pattern of behaviour diverse from his own. Hence the unusual moral authority which characterised his statements. This is an example of the strong beliefs of those who know that they can serve as models of behaviour.

Luiz de Mattos was careful enough to present Christian Rationalist principles in a simple, practical manner, within the reach of every mentality. As a result, his principles are understood and respected by all social strata.

These principles are so simple indeed that they can be summarised in one word: CONDUCT. In reality, their aim is to show man a pattern of behaviour. By pattern of behaviour, we mean an individual's norms of conduct in his community in accordance with the Christian philosophy. This is why Rationalism is also said to be Christian.

The undeniable fact is that with his code of Christian discipline, Luiz de Mattos developed a new mentality. This new mentality expands day by day as this code becomes known to those who, in their present incarnation, have already broken the shackles of absurd beliefs and mystical concepts.
Therefore, it is in the struggles of everyday life that Christian Rationalists will make themselves worthy of consideration and respect by following a well defined exemplary pattern of conduct. The value of the principles adopted by an individual is measured not in terms of his words, but of his actions and attitudes.

Each person's way of life is a reflection of his spiritual feelings. There is no easier way to bring human behaviour closer to the Christian doctrine codified by Luiz de Mattos, than by following the living norms modelled after Christian Rationalist principles.

A Philosophy and a Science
by Luiz de Mattos

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